Wario Bros.
Name Wario Bros.
Account Start Date May 19, 2006
Position Member
Frequenter Yes

Wario Bros. is a Smashboards member and a frequenter in the Social Thread. Having joined on May 19, 2006, he's one of the oldest members posting in the thread. He's a huge Dr. Mario fan, if you didn't know.

Pre-Social Activities on Smashboards Edit

As stated above, Wario Bros. joined Smashboards on May 19, 2006. His was inspired to join once he discovered the website's existence from issue #195 of Nintendo Power magazine (back then, Smashboards was known as "Smash World Forums"). He was there once pre-release hype of Super Smash Bros. Brawl began. Sometime after that, he went on a long hiatus staying on other websites but came back once Brawl hacking was getting popular (but didn't get into any hacking himself). Once Super Smash Bros. games for both Wii U & Nintendo 3DS were announced at E3 2012, Wario Bros. pretty much stayed on Smashboards without any more hiatuses. Then one day he ran across Social thread and the rest was history.

Gallery Edit

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