The Throne of Heroes is an element of the Fate series. It's basically an afterlife where the souls of important historical, mythological and legendary figures preside, removed from the reincarnation cycle. Nintendo-Spider151 tends to joke about it, exclaiming users have ascended after some acomplishment.

Space Stranger Edit

Ascended after his prank on the Social Thread with the help of mods to make everyone believe he was banned

Equestrian Flyer Edit

In May 2015, Flyer tested positive for Listeria. Once he got better and returned to the social thread, he ascended.

Burning Mandala Edit

Ascended after catching a Shiny Steelix in Pokémon HeartGold Version having a total of 7 Shinies caught in that game.

Nintendo-Spider151 Edit

Despite failing to get his feature of changing avatars back, being recognized on his effort by other users made his ascend.

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