Ivysaur is the Predisent
Name Swampasaur
Account Start Date Jan 4, 2013
Position Pranked
Frequenter No

Swampasaur, or simply Swamp, is a former Smashboards moderator who regularly posts in the NintenZone Social Thread. His many other notable roles have included politician, lawyer, religious figure, brainstormer, and game show host.

Characteristics Edit

Swampasaur is a friendly poster who often puts out high-effort discussion posts. Noted as a proponent of Hawaiian pizza and as an Ace Attorney aficionado, Swampasaur is noted to have impeccable taste.

One aspect of himself that Swamp is most known for is his debating skill. One example of such skill was put on display in the famous Swampasaur vs TheDivineDeity Debate.

Trivia Edit

  • Swampasaur plays lots of games. His recent playthroughs are always on display in his signature.
  • Swampasaur accidentally started a religion centered around himself, with prominent followers, including Shishoe.
  • He hates on Adam Malkovich. No one faults him for this.
  • Rumor has it that he's working on a secret project, but only time will tell what it is,

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