Name supercopper64
Account Start Date May 2, 2014
Position Member
Frequenter Yes

supercopper64 is an average poster in Smash Boards. He is not a very active member. As of June 2015, he is a Smash Ace. He joined May 2014. Due to his lack of posting, not much is known about him.

He mains Roy and his secondary is Kirby. His favorite smash game is Smash Brothers Melee, in which he mains Roy. His favorite Nintendo console is Nintendo Gamecube. Oddly enough, supercopper64's favorite game is Super Mario 64 which is on the Nintendo 64 rather than Gamecube.

Other Social Media Edit

Supercopper64 has a Youtube channel with around, 1,400 subscribers. He makes video game remixes and occasionally his rendition on hit songs on the radio.