The Spirit Animal. The being that guides you through tough times, and aids you when you need help. Most spirit animals take the shape of an animal... But this is the Social Thread, so we know that's not gonna happen.

Spirit Drawcia Edit

An embodiment of chaos, Drawcia guides Users by using the powers of insanity to overload the mind to the point that is automatically drains itself. Drawcia is erratic, crazy, corrupt, and MANY other things. Drawcia generally is found on those with interesting or chaotic minds or thoughts. She is also attracted to Artists.

Users Edit

Spirit Rainbow Dash Edit

This spirit animal guides Users through hard times by watching over them from the skies. She responds to the cries of her followers and lends them her power when needed. It is said that this spirit animal soars through the skies on a regular basis, and is attracted to people with sheer determination and good athletic ability.


  • Equestrian Flyer

Spirit Waluigi Edit

This Spirit Animal guides Users through hard times by yelling "WAAAAAAAAAAA", empowering them and making them feel good. This Spirit Animal is said to be everywhere, and has many followers throughout the boards.

It is said that this Spirit animal is commonly found with people who are good at sports, as well as party crashers and experienced dancers.

Users Edit

Spirit Pac-Man Edit


Users Edit

Spirit EMIYA Edit

Cynical and sarcastic, a spirit well suited for combat, Counter-Guardian EMIYA guides users on to leave the path of heroism, hating those that remind him of his past self. With time, even if you still hold to those beliefs, he might develop an acceptance of himself and prove to be loyal.

Able to access to a limited magecraft, this Spirit uses projections of various famed weapons in battle, mostly swords. Also may attract various girls but have terrible luck at everything else.

Users Edit

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