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Name Soul.
Account Start Date July 7, 2014
Position Premium Member
Frequenter Yes

Soul. is a Smashboards Smash 4 Social Thread regular, and has been present for most of its iterations.

Characteristics Edit

Soul. is well known for his frustrating experiences on the forums. As a Pikachu main, he is known to exclusively use Pikachu avatars. Another well-known characteristic is that he absolutely despises character speculation. As well, he curses the wasted usernames on the forum, noting that many potentially great names have gone to waste. He also has a deep hatred towards the "overrated" joke, something a user started in the Social Thread. This has become his "representation" in a way, even if he hates it.

He prefers competitive everything, especially when it comes to Smash Bros. and Pokémon.

Trivia Edit

  • Soul. is also a frequent of the Zelda Social and the Pikachu boards.
  • Originally, he was known as xSoul, but changed his name after acquiring a Premium membership provided by Abyssal Lagiacrus in February 2015.
  • Soul. actively dislikes speculation.
  • Soul.'s preferences lie with the fourth generation, as far as Pokemon are concerned.
    • Despite this, he does not main Lucario in Super Smash Bros.
  • He thinks this article is fine as is (look at this beauty).

Gallery Edit