Tiers for all of the Smash 4 Social Threads on SWF featuring the NintenZone, Smash 64, Melee, Brawl and PM Social threads. Currently at version 0.1, updated 23/08/15.

S TierEdit

  • Smash 4 Social thread (:yeahboi: the thread)
  • Ganondorf Social thread
  • NintenZone Social

A TierEdit

  • Expand Dong Social
  • Zelda Social (Yeah gurl)
  • Robin Social Thread

B+ TierEdit

  • PM 3.6 Social Thread
  • Meta Knight Social
  • Mii Brawler Social

B TierEdit

  • Ryu from Streets Social
  • Our boi roy Social
  • Lucas Social

B- TierEdit

  • Mewtwo Social
  • 4greninja:'d Social
  • Lucario Social

C TierEdit

  • Hoo Haa Social
  • Bowser Social
  • Monando Social
  • Brawl Social

C- TierEdit

  • Pit/Dark Pit Social Thread
  • Petch Social
  • Marcina Social Thread
  • Melee Social
  • Mii Sword Fighter Social

D TierEdit

  • Falco Social Thread
  • Smash 64 Social
  • Sheik Social

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