The Social Thread is the name of a collective series of threads in the Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U General boards on the website Smashboards. There have, as of the time of writing, been five versions of the thread throughout Smashboards' history with Smash 4.

Purpose Edit

The purpose of these threads, as told by the moderators and admins, is to allow a means of off-topic discussion without having it clog up every other thread. Due to its popularity, however, the thread must be replaced each time it reaches 2000 pages due to a coding issue.

Features Edit

This serves as a central hub for many of the frequent inhabitants of the thread. Moderators who often view the thread and have control over it include FalKoopa, IsmaR, Opossum, and ---. Sometimes, Opossum or FalKoopa will change the Thread Title to something else, either relevant to discussion or used to start discussion.

For the concept version click here

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