Rebellious Treecko
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Rebellious Treecko is a somewhat regular user from Smashboards.

He first became active on the internet in Feburary 2007.

He considered joining the forums in December 2012, but put it off. A user named Legendofrob inspired him to finally make an account.

He currently does not go outside the Smash 4 Social Thread that much.  He used to be active in the Roster Prediction/Character Discussion thread.


His favorite Smash characters and/or mains are:

SS64: Kirby

SSBM: Ganondorf

SSBB: Wario, Olimar, and Snake

SSB4: Shulk and Greninja

He is fond of Pokemon, SSB, and Kingdom Hearts, with also some interest in the Metal Gear series.

Poltics-wise, he is right wing. (a bit rare among millennials)

Behaviour-wise, he can be snarky sometimes.

He is into art, and also works with 3D models.


First like: Given by FalKoopa for this post.

First prank: somewhere around June 26-27 2015 set by Equestrian Flyer.