Pages of the thread that maybe do something but not really.

But they're there anyways


Page 1 Edit

  • The Page of Beginnings

Page 9 Edit

Page 13 Edit

  • The Page of Bad Luck
  • Bad Luck is common on this page.
  • Do not go for 9s on this page.

Page 42 Edit

  • The Page of Life
  • Sudden epiphanies about life and other topics are often had on this page.

Page 64 Edit

  • The Page of the N64
  • N64 game playing becomes common on this page.

Page 100 Edit

  • The Page of Progression
  • The 100th page of the thread. Depending on how fast page 100 is reached, we may be able to find out exactly how fast the thread is progressing.
  • Sometimes given a little mini celebration.

Page 151 Edit

  • The Page of Generation 1
  • Genwunners gain a surge of power on this page
  • Nintendo-Spider151 gains a surge of power on this page

Page 333 Edit

  • The Page of Rule of Three
  • All users feel the intense need to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle on this page
  • The playing of Dr. Mario, Lucina, and Dark Pit increases on this page

Page 404 Edit

  • The Page of Errors
  • This page is one of Crashboards' favorite hangout spots. Use caution when navigating it.

Page 666 Edit

  • The Page of the Devil.
  • Often, extremely dumb posts are found here, and sometimes poison the thread for a period of time.
  • Mods and Admins occasionally form a "Mod Squad", and band together to go stop the madness that is page 666.
  • Space Stranger gains a surge of power on this page.

Page 711 Edit

  • The Page of Convenience Stores
  • Users gather to this page in order to find all they need to buy at a low price.
  • Some say that if you buy premium on this page, you get a discount
    • These rumors are likely not true.

Page 777 Edit

  • The Lucky Page
  • When a match is waged on this page, 9s, Misfires, and Bob-ombs become increasingly common.

Page 789 Edit

  • The Page of Old Jokes.
  • Very old, and maybe forgotten, jokes tend to rise from the grave just for this page.

Page 888 Edit

Page 999 Edit

  • The Page of Cirno Day
  • Everyone gains a surge of stupidity on this page
  • BakaCirno gains a surge of power on this page

Page 1000 Edit

  • The Halfway Page
  • Halfway to Page 2000, this is the "Halfway Point" of the thread.
  • Dying right before Mid-points becomes common on this page.

Page 1234 Edit

  • The Page of Numbers.
  • The RNG Gods seem to be more forgiving on this page.
  • One of The Count's favorite pages.

Page 1994 Edit

  • The Page of Reminiscence
  • This is the page where users start to reminisce about the years that match the page numbers.
  • This reminiscence continues from this page through all pages leading up to the page that matches the present day.

Page 1999 Edit

  • The Page of Smash Bros
  • A celebration of Smash Bros might be held on this page, as the number coincides with the year that Super Smash Bros. 64 was released
  • The Playing of Smash Bros becomes common on this page.

Page 2000 Edit

  • The Page of Y2K
  • This is the page where the beginning of the end begins.
  • Users will start guessing when the thread will end.
  • Dying right before the end of a stage becomes common on this page

Page ???? Edit

  • The Page of Endings
  • This is the page on which the Thread ends and becomes locked.
  • Because of the uncertainty of what page this could be in each thread, this page does not have a specified number.


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