Nintenzilla is a user on Smashboards that you probably know... I think...

You can probably find him helping out other users, talking with locals or just cracking jokes.

He was also a pretty big supporter of Bandana Dee, Elma, and Fiora for DLC.

He has an Arch-Rivalry with Zebei (Formerly known as Oni333)

He's also good friends with Rie Sonomura.

Thanks to Cyndane he is know a premium user and can use his Quote avi. (He's a big fan of Cave Story)

However currently you can't contact him on Smashboards... For about a month...

This is because he's been banned because he got one infraction too many, but not to fear, he'll be back as soon as his high school exams are over! (Hopefully...)

Right now he's stuck with a Growlithe avi, so you'll know him when you see him.

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