Motorcycle the Pooh
Name Motorcycle the Pooh / Kermit the Ninja / BluePsychic
Account Start Date December 29th, 2010
Position Member
Frequenter Nope

Motorcycle the Pooh was a former member of the Social Thread who was formerly known as BluePsychic and later Kermit the Ninja.

MTP is a huge fan of the anime, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, which he unusually discovered from a video about My Little Pony on YouTube. Said video has since disappeared, though Kermit has gone on numerous expeditions to try and rediscover it. His avatar was usually a picture of his favorite Madoka character, Homura Akemi, and he frequently used various scenes from the anime as reaction gifs. His entire library of gifs can be viewed here. Interestingly, he probably would have forgotten about Madoka entirely had it not been for the inclusion of Roy in Project M .


MTP joined the site on December 29th, 2010, though he did not post regularly until late April, 2014. He stopped posting regularly in early 2015, though he occasionally makes reappearances, usually whenever he is "summoned" (tagged). MTP now regularly posts on his own forum. Any users who attempt to join there however, are immediately banned, and said forum appears to have no boards of any kind. The purpose of this forum is unknown.

MTP initially did not talk about his past, though he brought it up an awful lot, referring to his past experiences as "[CLASSIFIED]". However, due to the snoopings of another board member, it was discovered that MTP was a former contributor to the fangame, Super Smash Bros. Crusade, and he was kicked from the team for leaking a demo. His contributions to the game include parts of Phoenix Wright, Popo, Olimar, and Tingle . MTP changed his name out of shame, but now regards said leak as an important part of his person, as he feels that he was able to rediscover his true self following the ban.

MTP's name is, as of 6/16/15, a subject of debate. MTP is currently searching for a new name, because he does not play Greninja, and as such, his old name did not work as a tag for tournament play. At the moment, he goes by the name "Motorcycle the Pooh," though even that is not final. The name itself comes from a Bootleg Zones video about a toy of the same name.


  • MTP was initially mistaken as a female by some due to his original avatar . To combat this, he slapped a mustache on the picture and left it at that.
  • MTP's two least favorite characters in all media are Light Yagami and Holden Caulfield.
  • Other than the wonky blast zones, MTP prefers Smash 3DS to Smash Wii U simply due to portability.
  • In addition to Homura, MTP also frequently used images of Kanna Hijiri, the antagonist of the (pretty mediocre) Madoka spin-off, Kazumi Magica, as reaction images .
  • Contrary to popular belief, Motor only likes Homura as a character.
  • For the record, the ending of Rebellion is the best possible ending.