Burning Mandala
Name Burning Mandala
Account Start Date August 22, 2014
Position Premium Member
Frequenter Yes

Sailor Mars

Mandala uses the character Rei Hino (also known as Sailor Mars) from Sailor Moon as avatar most frequently, though other characters from the same series isn't unseen of

Mandala is a user that joined Smashboards on August 22nd, 2014.

Tocino Edit


  • His favorite Sailor Scout is Sailor Mars.
  • He likes Bacon.
    • Who doesn't though?
      • I hate Bacon.
        • Whoever said they hate bacon is a fraud.
          • Bacon is like chalk. It's stringy, gross, flabby, crunchy, chewy and it sucks. *In other words it's not at all like chalk in any way. ... I still don't like it though.
            • WHO THE @$!& ARE YOU?!!
              • I AM YOUR FATHER. Now go and clean your room! It looks like it got hit by a tornado!
                • YOU'RE NOT MY REAL DAD, DAD!!!!!
                  • You're right... *Rips off mask* I'M YOUR MOTHER!
                    • =O
  • He claims he's from Bell Tower
    • Who? The Bacon Hater, or Sprogepede?
  • He's one of the premium members (To Flight's dismay).
  • There should be a Sailor Bacon.
  • His waifu is bacon.
  • Bacon is love is his new motto.
  • His bacon obsession is off the charts.
  • He wants to create "Bacon Moon" to eat it.
  • Mmmm... Bacon...
  • If he could, he would change his real name to "Bacon Eater"
  • This page is sponsored by Tumblr.
  • I like cheese.
    • Bacon is master race
      • But cheese tho.
        • lol butt cheese
  • I am the bacon of my bacon
  • Bacon is my body and bacon is my blood
  • I have created over a thousand bacons
  • Unknown to bacon
  • Nor known to bacon
  • Have withstood pain to create many bacons
  • Yet those hands will never hold any bacon
  • So as I pray...
  • I can't believe it's not bacon!
    • Oh wait, it actually is bacon.
  • Hi.
    • 'Sup?
      • Nothin' much, how about you?
  • He claims his page to be a "Trainwreck" (IMO, I think it's just derailing, we haven't hit trainwreck levels yet.)
    • To be fair, this whole wiki is off the rails
RIP Spongebob's page.

Trivia Edit

Spongebob is always relevant brah.

Gallery Edit

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