Name KingShadow
Account Start Date August 13, 2013
Position Member
Frequenter Yes

The wiki founder but gave up from idea right after. Weeks later, some peep took over and revived the wiki. He is actually a god, and has the rare power to Expand Dong. His Pingas is longer than yours.

Characteristics Edit

  • He is absurdly idiotic. In fact, he is the stupidest user in the entire Social Thread.
  • He is one of the Deadly Sins on the Social Thread.
  • He is dead and has no life.
  • He is a terrible artist.

Things KingShadow HatesEdit




Modern SpongeBob

Extreme Furries

Justin Bieber

Most Fanfiction

The "Do It!" Meme

Shiny Pokémon


Flyer changing KS' wiki page

Things KingShadow LovesEdit

His Waifus

Classic SpongeBob

The Hot Topic Krew

His Own Fanfics


Most Memes

8-Bit Sprites

KingShadow's Waifu ListEdit

Expecting something important here? Too bad, Waluigi time.

OK But Seriously, Here's KS' Waifu ListEdit

Rosalina (Super Mario)

Lissa (Fire Emblem)

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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