The Invisible Boatmobile is the code name of a conspiratorial series of Private Messages on Smashboards, started by Rocket Raccoon.

Background Edit

During the fourth thread iteration's inception, a new rule was placed by the moderators that limited image-only, meme-only, and video-only messages in the thread. This was meant as a way to reduce the spamminess of the thread.

Some users, however, disagreed with this philosophy, and felt that the Social Thread was "dead" and "no longer worth it." As a response, they created a large, secret private messaging ring to discuss things in, as an attempt to draw activity away from the Social Thread. The conspiracy was blown, however, when the user Mega Bidoof invited the moderator --- (or Tryphen) to the conversation, blowing their cover and uncovering the conspiratorial plot.

Trivia Edit

  • Opossum has tried to gain access to this conversation many times. As of July 2015, he has still not seen the private message in its entirety. This may or may not have to do with it being invisible.
  • Known members of the Invisible Boatmobile include Rocket Raccoon, Mega Bidoof, and Space Stranger. At one point, --- was also a member.