Name Illuminati
Account Start Date January 22, 2015 (Possibly longer)
Position Member, both here and of the Illuminati
Frequenter Supposedly

The Illuminati is an account on the Social Thread purported to be owned by the mysterious subversive New World Order. Nothing is known about the person or persons running the account, as the owner only gives cryptic information.

Characteristics Edit

As noted above, not much is known about the Illuminati. According to moderators, who can view users' IP addresses, this account is not anyone's alternate account. If they are to be believed as far as who they say they are, then they are a group vying for control of the world through subversive, conspiratorial means, and have their hands in the pockets of many powerful people. According to the owner of the account, they are searching for three members of Smashboards in particular, but who these three are is not known. As it turns out, It was Opossum the whole time.

Trivia Edit

  • At one point the Illuminati created a cryptic image toward the end of the fourth thread that was meant to foretell a prophecy. The symbols on the wheel related to certain users in the thread. As this was a reference to Gravity Falls, it shows that the Illuminati may have some form of a sense of humor.
    • However, this is within reason. When pranked, the Illuminati account owner got somewhat upset, noting how the rest of the world would pay for not taking their organization seriously due to the rise of "Illuminati confirmed" Internet jokes.
    • SG9000 (now known as 5T00PiD UNiK0ЯИ 凶) is one of the few, if not the only user to never take the Illuminati seriously. He is also one of the three users following it on Smashboards. Conspiracy or a simple joke?