Name fed0ra7
Account Start Date February 12, 2015
Position Member
Frequenter Yes

fed0ra7 is a frequenter who joined the boards on February 12th, 2015, and joined the Social Thread on the same day. He has shown a devotion to Nintendo, as well as a strong liking for Marvel Comics, and what seems to be a strange obsession with Rick Astley. When not in the Social Thread, fed0ra can also be found in the King K. Rool support thread.

He mains Duck Hunt, R.O.B, Mario, and Wii Fit Trainer. He has also vowed to main King K. Rool should he become a playble DLC character.

Characteristics Edit

fed0ra7 is generally good-natured, and polite to his fellow users. However, he is not above a good joke now and then, and is known to occasionally poke fun at other frequenters, such as Flight and Space Stranger.

In real life, fed0ra struggles with moderate social anxiety, and is most often uncomfortable with speaking to others except for people closest to him. This sometimes effects his appearance online, and he often makes posts that seem awkward or forced.

Trivia Edit

-He lurked Smashboards for almost two years before joining.

-Upon joining, he accidently locked himself out of his account for 2 months, before finally returning.

-He has a strong admiration for fellow users FalKoopa and the aforementioned Flight. This could be because, like his, their names both begin with the letter "F".

-During his first day of joining the website, Space Stranger apparently took a liking to fed0ra, and asked him to become his deputy. This has not been brought up since, but the request is still on fed0ra's user page.

-fed0ra doesn't really like his name, but couldn't think of anything better at the time. Expect a name change in the near future, now that he has premium...

-He has a strong dislike for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, due to the fact that it was the reason the Ice Climbers (his former, beloved mains) were cut.

-fed0ra is an amiibo collector, and aims to one day get the entire Smash roster. He has collected most of them.

-He was left out of the Great Blueining due to inactivity, but was subsequently gifted premium by Cyndane

Gallery Edit

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