My Sweet Passion
Name Camalange
Account Start Date May 12th, 2008
Position Moderator
Frequenter Not so much

Camalange (or Cammy for short) is a moderator on the Sonic boards of Smash World Forums, and sometimes stop by the social thread.

Characteristics Edit

Cammy is a pretty nice guy from Brooklyn. He practices Waifu, and he often makes fun of other certain users like Equestrian Flyer about his admiration for Rainbow Dash. He doesn't like getting mixed up in random drama in social threads since he moderates Sonic fanboys all the time.

Trivia Edit

  • Cammy is the influence behind FalKoopa's use of the Phanpy emoticon, as well as Flyer's use of Vulpix, as he started the whole trend using emoticons of Haunter.
    • Though, Camalange claims that he stole it from Boxob / Boxob. first.

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