"The Google doc was an mistake" - BlueX 2015

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Name BlueX
Account Start Date March 8, 2015
Position Premium
Frequenter Yes

BlueX has been on Smashboards since March 8th 2015. His first post was on Social Thread 5.0 and is one of the younger Social Thread members (LuigiMaster0 is younger than BlueX, as he is 13 years old).

Characteristics Edit

BlueX is friendly with everyone in the Social Thread. He often post on the Social Thread frequently. He has been playing Smash since possibly 2013, His first game was Brawl where he originally mained Lucas.

BlueX mains Kirby in Smash64, Marth and Falco (Although he has been thinking about dropping him to focus on Marth) In Melee, Marth in Brawl and Sheik, Roy and Lucas in Smash 4. (He plan to main Cloud when he will be released.)

Trivia Edit

  • His first attempt of creating Social 20XX ended in failure when he linked a Google doc
  • His favorite drink is water and milk
  • Uses a custom built PC
  • His favorite food is pizza but is willing to try other foods
  • He has watched some anime like Fairy Tail
  • Owns 5 amiibos and a Mario Kart 8 Blue Shell trophy
  • Currently planning to get premium. (But now, he got one. So all is good.)
  • His Red Hunter X first and only student.

Gallery Edit

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