Name Bluehaven
Account Start Date August 5, 2015
Position Premium
Frequenter Daily

Bluehaven AKA Mar-Mar and Joshy (doesn't matter which, she'll respond to the two) is a somewhat? frequent user on the Social Thread.

How the name was created Edit

A combination of Mario and Yoshi, her two favorite characters just in derpy mode as Mar-Mar calls it. So basically her username is Mario and Yoshi.

She's recently gotten premium thanks to a account upgrade given to her by an "anonymous user"

Because of that Mar-Mar changed her name to Bluehaven, and then changed it to Star Sapphire because why not? :D

Trivia Edit

  • Mario is her husbando (Yes as in SUPER Mario) The reason why is not known.
  • Has a habit of posting a bunch of gifs on the Social Thread. It's gotten to a point that Mar-Mar called herself in occupation part of her profile, 'Everybody's Hand Dandy GIF Poster'

^Not anymore sadly. :')

  • Likes ENG.
  • In the dynamic duo that is Mar-Mar and Joshy and A10theHero, they are known as the Teasing **** and the Joking Jack-***, respectively.[1]
  • Has gotten into Earthbound recently and is obsessed over Ness and Porky. She supports a friendship between the two. Can you even support friendships?
  • Not the best either.
  • The anonymous user being skaaaa/praline.

Not THAT Mar-Mar[2]

References Edit


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