Name Aldelaro5
Account Start Date May 20, 2013
Position Regular user
Frequenter Yes

Aldelaro5 is a regular user on Smashboards who loves Paper Mario and talks about Paper Mario a lot. Aside from Paper Mario, Aldelaro also seems to have a good idea on how certain parts of technology work, and sometimes glitch hunts the Paper Mario games that he plays. He has played through and gotten 100% on every Paper Mario game. He leads the Paper Mario Group on Smashboards, of which over 100 different users are a part of. One example of a member of the Paper Mario Group is Blargg888, another Social Thread frequenter. He also hates the color of his username, since being pranked.

Characteristics Edit

Aldelaro5 is a generally optimistic fellow, and is quite jovial. He often reviews games he's playing if asked, and appreciates others who support Paper Mario's appearance in Super Smash Bros. he is also very exhaustive which lead to many posts containing long paragraphs and wall of texts. This is especially noticeable when talking about some Paper Mario subject such as the latest entry in the series, Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

Trivia Edit

  • Funnily enough, Aldelaro actually did not like Paper Mario as a child, as he did not understand RPGs.
  • Equestrian Flyer pranked Aldelaro as soon as Flyer went premium. As of the time writing this, he still pranked (7/1/2015)
  • He has been pushing for the appearance of Paper Mario in the Smash series.
  • He is from Quebec, Canada.
  • He always rocks a Paper Mario avatar.
  • Aldelaro5 has mained Mr. Game and Watch since Melee, but it has no relation about Paper Mario, it is actually due to a quirk with his eyesight.
  • His first language is French.