Spiffy the Dragon
Spyro Avatar v10
A10theHero's 10th Spyro Avatar
Name A10theHero
Account Start Date December 18, 2014
Position Regular User
Frequenter Somewhat Frequent
Main Pikachu
Secondaries Sonic, Lucario, Greninja, Mewtwo, Kirby, Charizard, and Jigglypuff

A10theHero, or A10 for short, is a somewhat frequent user of the Social Thread. He has a pretty good sense of humor, and is a hardcore fan of Spyro the Dragon.

Characteristics Edit

A10 is a nice guy, can be funny at times.

Interests Edit

Gallery Edit

To view A10theHero's avatars and more, please visit A10theHero (:grin:)/Gallery

(Sorta) Memorable Quotes Edit

  • "Your avatar is the epitome of perfection--the definition of goodness. It is what's keeping society--nay, the universe--from collapsing in on itself."[1]
  • "I hate dropping **** and putting it under the carpet. It leaves a mess in serious need of cleaning up yet I'd be acting like it doesn't exist. I can't do that."[2]
  • "Please, I'm old news here."[3]
  • "I edited my previous post and added "Trick Room" to it. Thus, you were not "inb4" Trick Room."[4]
  • "Darn, I missed page 666. I guess I'll have to go somewhere else to summon Satan."[5]
  • "There's so much talk about shipping here that Fed-Ex is jealous."[6]

Trivia Edit

  • A10 was tempted to becoming a Brony by Sunset Shimmer, Equestrian Flyer, KeyBladePony, KingofPhantoms, and SG9000.
    • His dedication to the show eventually earned him the title of "Princess A10" on August 12, 2015.
      • This is because each time he finished watching a season of My Little Pony, A10 would write a letter to SG9000 and the other bronies on the Bob-omb Thread similar to how Twilight Sparkle would write letters to Princess Celestia in S1 whenever she learned a lesson about friendship. Thus, because Twilight Sparkle became a princess at the end of S3, A10, too, ascended to this new role.
  • Although SG9000 changed his name to UNiK0ЯИUK0PiUM (and later 5T00PiD UNiK0ЯИ 凶), A10 still refers to him as "SG", much to Uni's dismay.
    • However, as of now, Uni doesn't really care about his old name, even using it in some social media accounts as "spicyguacamole."
  • LuigiMaster0 used to be A10theHero's assistant (he was the Spike to A10's Twilight Sparkle). That is until he became a princess, of course. Now A10 and LuigiMaster0 are equals and have a partnership.
  • Nobody remembers what A10's first avatar was before he started using Spyro avatars. Not even A10 himself!
  • A10theHero's OTP is Applejack's Hat x Rarity.[7]
  • In the dynamic duo that is Mar-Mar and Joshy and A10theHero, they are known as the Teasing **** and the Joking Jack-***, respectively.[8]

Reference Edit


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